Sponsorship Goals

We wish to meet as many requests as we can, connecting disengaged young people to the possibility of a real future and turning despair into hope that they can lead a positive life, achieve success in their chosen career, secure a home and have a family. This ‘right’ is taken for granted by most young people, but thousands feel like outcasts in their own community. Many are homeless through no fault of their own and may have turned to crime after they did not receive the help they needed early in life. We know from experience that the young people we have helped can have successful careers and relationships. Some are moving into professions they never thought possible for them. All we ask of them is to give back to the community when they can. This help for someone in need can come in many forms, such as mentoring or sharing their story to encourage others.

This year we want to sponsor every applicant who qualifies for assistance. We will also supply donated sleeping bags to young homeless people, and where possible provide donated clothing to those who have been taken from high risk family homes. This service is managed by their ‘youth care workers’. We cannot help those who have problems with drugs. They are referred to clinics and professionals who specialise in their specific needs.

Thank you to Edna & Ken Briggs for the generous donation of beautiful antique furniture, that raised sufficient funds to help sponsor two young people in desperate need.

The first recipient was a young girl was supported into a program at Box Hill Tafe. Her course and laptop helped her gain access into nursing – today she is fully employed in one of Melbourne’s leading hospitals.

The other recipient was a young man living with his mother, who had been suffering from domestic violence. Sponsorship helped this young man gain qualification as an electrician. This achievement has helped his mother gain back her confidence allowing for a more successful future for them both.

Thank you Mr & Mrs K. Briggs.

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