Primary School education forms crucial building blocks for learning and lays the groundwork for later success in higher education. Without this essential foundation, children at risk may be left behind. The transition into high school can often be a difficult time. This is why YES Inc began assisting with a tutoring support program for children in years 5-6.


During high school we strive to keep disadvantaged young people connected with their studies. Maths or English tutoring can make a great difference to high school students who would otherwise miss crucial opportunities. Secondary tutoring can help set up positive social relationships and academic expectations that are very important to succeeding in future employment environments.


We continue to help young people as they face employment education challenges. From the ages 16 – 24 we can support young people in any course that is available in a ‘recognised educational facility’ and which provides a recognised ‘certificate of achievement’ if it is required by a potential employer.

All applicants must apply through a care /social worker who will confirm the student’s eligibility for YES Inc support.

Please see our contact details to apply.

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